To Do:

  • Finalise System, including wording.
  • Mock up rating for a garment, low res
  • Organise how many and which businesses garments I will use in my project.
  • Finalise type of visual system
  • Design and refine the visual system, high res
  • Mock up tags physical
  • Mock up tag on businesses website
  • Draft content pages for website
  • Collate all the resources I used for the system
  • Mock up website user journeys, low res
  • Finalise user journeys and screens
  • First proof of written content for website
  • Finalised written content
  • Start designing screens on Sketch / XD
  • Mock up and create video of user journeys
  • Organise general presentation - setting, layout, how I will run the presentation
  • Organise screen presentation, low res
  • Organise what photographs I need to take for presentation to contextualise
  • Define Essence of Project
  • Write up blurb for exposure and website
  • Decide on images for exposure website
  • Write design report

Better Late Than Never

I have always been quite a physical workbook girl, but after a very successful group project blog, I am now deciding to give a digital workbook a go. Hope this turns out well!