Event Coordination, Brand Identity & Promotion

For: Massey at Wellington Students' Association (MAWSA)

I have worked for MAWSA for 3 years in the role of Engagement Executive, Events Board, Event Coordinator and Event Consultant.

As a founding member and leader of the Events Board, our goal was to create a better life for the Wellington Massey University students. I worked collaboratively with a team of eight to focus on the coordination, communication, logistics, promotion, and spatial aspects of all the events. We provided opportunities and fun actives through the organisation of events to create a positive student culture on our campus.

My change in title represents my growth and evolvement within MAWSA as well as an event organiser.

2015: Engagement Executive + Events Board

  • Events Day
  • White Out Party
  • Re-O-Week:
    • WACSOC
    • Hype Day!
    • Flat Wars
    • Fro Back Friday - 90’s Party
  • Monthly Monday Movies
  • De-Stress Week
  • MAWSA Ball
  • Tuiversity Tournament
  • MAWSA Spring Break

2016: Events Board

  • MAWSA O-Week 2016:
    • Full Moon Party
    • My Disco
    • Giveaway Day
    • Jungle Party
    • Waterpark Day
  • MAWSA Ball
  • MAWSA Market Day
  • Bone Voyage

2017: Event Coordinator

  • O-Week:
    • Check yourself BBQ
    • Freshers’ Toga Party
    • Student Services BBQ
    • Flat Wars
    • Live Lounge
    • Sex Quiz
    • Clubs & Giveaway Day
    • MAWSA Carnival

2017: Event Consultant

  • MAWSA Ball

MAWSA Ball 2015

MAWSA Ball 2016

MAWSA Ball 2017

MAWSA Events Board 2015

MAWSA Events Board 2015

The highlight of my time working with MAWSA would have to be the MAWSA balls. In 2015, we organised the first university wide ball in 20 years for the Wellington campus. It was a three night event with over 1000 students in attendance. The MAWSA ball became the highlight of the student calendar and in 2016 our attendance was over 1500 students for a two night event. The following year after I left my role as Event Coordinator, I was asked to come back as a consultant to help the new Event Coordinator pull everything together for the MAWSA Ball. This event was also a great success testing new boundaries with new staff and venue.