Girls Will Be boys

Interpretive Type


The ISTD brief of ‘Fickle Fads and Dedicated Followers of Fashion’ was to design a typographic work that explores the subject of fads, trends or crazes. I chose to highlight a period in which women’s adoption of menswear not only grew in scale but changed in purpose, from function, to fashion, creating a definitive trend, the ‘mannish trend’. 

The trend was set in the 1930’s, where Art Deco met the realities of the Great Depression. My design primarily focuses on the style of the trend itself; Masculine styling was very structured, proper and polished. I contextualised this with the style of the period, bringing in geometric shaped typography and appropriate colours. Combining these features with the message ‘Girls Will Be Boys’ I’ve brought light to a less popular trend.

Artboard 1.jpg