Brand Identity, Promotion & Packaging

For: Massey University – Goodman Fielder

If there is one thing Ernest loves it’s New Zealand, so we wanted to bring you more of it. Combining our biscuits with some of our favourite local products we’ve created More!

The brief for this project was to develop and position a product concept for the New Zealand market that will enable Australisian Foodstuffs giant, Goodman Fielder, to better take on Arnott's 'Farmbake' bagged sweet-baked biscuit range. We explored how brand values can be constructed and visually articulated through design to position a brand in a competitive market, targeting needs and wants of an identified target audience. We wanted to utilise Goodman Fielder’s already popular Ernest Adams brand, but give them a new and exciting edge. This project was a collaboration between myself and Nicki Gordon as part of a university assessment.