Week 12, Friday Presentation

Today was the big presentation and I am ridiculously stoked that my speech lined up with the video we created that showed our app. You have no idea how many times we videos that thing and recorded making sure we got them both exactly in time. Biggest achievement of the day.

But seriously, the whole presentation was really cool. It was great to see the variation in creations from three briefs we all shared. It was also a great opportunity to kind of reflect and plan for future presentations - thinking about what I found engaging, what was bad, etc.


There were so many things I learnt from this paper I don't know how to pick the biggest. Experience design is so challenging and this is coming from someone who also took experience design as an elective. I think one of the most beneficial thing I learnt was how to prototype effectively to get the feedback and research that is really needed. I started to really understand the importance of just being quiet and not trying to justify, just letting the tester speak instead. I think it was a bit challenging though because it took some people in my group a bit longer to get this so that was tricky. Learning how to manage people in those situations is also big.

If I could do something differently I would have encouraged the team to spend more time on the experience factor of this project and really trying explore that more. I do believe we developed something towards the end, mainly coming out of the app but I would have liked to play the waters a bit more and create something really prominently experience design.