Week 10, Friday Class

Today we had our second prototype interim and it went really well. We got feedback from quite a few people including some fourth years, Tristam and one of the professionals COCA brought in. The fourth years said our app was great and had a good UE design flow throughout. She gave us some more ideas and also made us question our user journey a bit as she had an opposing view to some other people (wanting to select breaks by activities more so than by feelings - put a spinner in the mix - we have to decide who we're going to cater for, how can we do it, how do we justify this etc.) Positive moving forward but definitely a challenge. An interesting suggestion she had was instead of linking it just to your phone calendar, you could link it to your office google calendar - that way coworkers can see when you're on a break and unavailable. 

Our feedback with Tristam was also really positive. He said we had a good visual flow however some screens could do with a bit more context and some could definitely be spread out more over a few different screens. He liked our attempt at getting the phone to interact with something in the real world (the sticker at the location) but may need a bit more fleshing. He also mentioned the ability to connect with not only coworkers but other workers around Wellington could be a great option. Way of getting out their an connecting - they can arrange a place to meet and just go.