Week 11, Friday class

Today we went over what we need for the dossier and presentation which was really helpful. 

We're still struggling a bit with our app - getting it just right is quite tricky. We're updating and utilising a lot of the feedback we got given last week, just trying to make it all work. I think it's challenging because I think quite differently to Ash and Soph so it makes it difficult sometimes to move forward with it.

Luckily we all agreed that perhaps a poster isn't the best way to get the idea of Breather across and it's not necessarily helping our cause. There are better ways to reach our audience and we shouldn't create a poster just for the sake of having another touchpoint. We want everything to be relevant and have a purpose. 

We've divided up a lot of the tasks based around what we believe is everyone's best strength. Maybe unfortunately I'm the best with words so I'm spending a lot of time writing the dossier and Presentation speech. I secretly kind of like it. It's a chance for me to properly get all my ideas down and really articulate our purpose and creation. I consistently read back everything I've written to the team and they're happy so far so going well! We're really smashing it all out.