Week 12, Tuesday Class

Final class before hand-in. We're all lightly freaking out. It's just a lot of pressure because we feel there's still a bit of polishing to do. We've been working so hard at it but it just never feels quite done #classicdesignproblem. Today we went into the shark tank with Tristam and Mark, feeling kind of like Salmon though. We got some really good feedback but after talking about it later we decided it wasn't a good idea necessarily to start trying to develop new parts this close to hand in. It definitely did help us refine some of our ideas though and pull focus on areas we should really pay attention to before hand-in.

Today we also got to present to another group in class and we really enjoyed it. Helped us flesh out some of our written ideas and see what they were engaging with. Also getting to see someone else work and how they're pulling it all together was interesting as well.