Week 8, Tuesday Class

Today we had our prototype interim and it was really beneficial. We developed three separate prototypes

1. Prototyping a window - seeing how different people respond to various weathers outside - prototyping for our weather clock.

2.App - creating an app that will show people the best time of the day to take a break, with activated (inside and outside depending on the day) also with the ability to connect with co-workers so you're influencing others to take a break.

3. Activity Wall - We prototyped a wall that people could interact with, currently mainly using word games, just things to get people to use their minds and keep learning. We're hoping people will interact with it and maybe converse around it - that's what we're prototyping I suppose.

We received really positive feedback on our first two prototypes from a lot of different people and lecturers. Our third prototype didn't have the impact that the others had and felt quite deatched which was fair enough. We were struggling to find a prototype that would be interesting, interactive but also reasonable to implement in offices. I suppose that restriction really inhibited the creativity of the prototype. 


Our first two were really beneficial though. We discovered a lot of information out about our potential users which would help us cater for them in it's future creation. For example, showing people the weather clock we discovered that people like varying weather, it was almost a surprise when one person said it may be too sunny to go outside. This means we might have to rethink how to design a weather clock so that it suits individual's weather preferences but can still be put up in the workplace.


The app was also really successful, it had a great concept and a lot of people had ideas on how we could further it to make it more related to wellbeing as well so that was cool. A lot of contradiction though as well, making me realise how differently individuals can think, especially in relation to wellbeing. Realistically we can't cater for everyone but that's a bit of a struggle for me. We'll see.