Week 9, Friday Class

Today we started off with a lecture from Matt from Empathy. It was actually really interesting and I was picked out of the audience with two others to create and prototype an app in 5 minutes. There was immense pressure, it felt quite frantic but it was actually really good just to do something really quick fire and not think about any possible negatives. It allowed us to have great feedback as well. I think the most important thing we ended up learning from Matt was how to prototype and research effectively. Asking the right questions, in the right way, at the right time. not being afraid to not speak and just observe. The importance of giving the tester a situation so they're not going in 100% blind as that can cause glitches the prototype sometimes. 


We spent the rest of studio sorting our app in preparation to show at exchange. We're feeling on track with it right now so that's cool after quite a delayed start.