Week 1, Tuesday class

First Class - Wellbeing introduced

First class we're introduced to the layout of the semester as well as all the lecturers. A guest speaker from Life Hack came in to talk about wellbeing. I learnt quite a few different techniques for wellbeing - the one I found most interesting was the 5 days to wellbeing. I'm really excited for this class because I love the idea of exploring ways to help peoples wellbeing because it is such an important issue to me.

We started the tutorial by discussing the differences between Practice, Ritual, and Habit. It was quite interesting because a lot of people had different opinions on what each word meant, and what we could describe as each. We had to chose a practice, ritual, and habit we had over the holidays and share with a group. Together we chose one persons Ritual of 'making a sandwich' and created a user journey for them. 

Next we were assigned a wellbeing focused reading, took notes and drew visuals then got in a group to discuss what we learnt with others. It was interesting hearing what other people took from a reading in comparison to what I took from it.