Week 2, Tuesday Class

Define Techniques

We started off the lecture discussing the visual brief and going over the reflective blog so I am starting that now. We also unpacked the idea of Define in creative practice. 

When we got back to class we had a chat with Phoebe about our concept for the brief. She feared that it was too broad and may be difficult for us to properly grasp so we spent sometime brainstorming ideas that were more grounded in our brief and finalised on moving cities for university.

In class we went over many define techniques including Empathy maps, the Slip Method, and Journey Maps. Doing all these methods helped us to connect the dots between different tasks, for example, while doing the empathy map we thought our persona Sue might at some point be excited - this idea we then later put in our slip as well as our journey map - we needed to place a time in her journey when she would actually feel that emotion.

We were also given a list of the things we need in our visual brief: Audience Profile, Situation / Problem, Opportunity / Need, Insight, Hunch and Five Ways to Wellbeing.



Admittedly one of the most exciting accomplishments of this class / my day was learning how to scan multiple sheets of paper at once rather than constantly manually placing paper flat on the copier screen. We discovered this while doing our team contracts. It was cool.