Presentation Feedback

Feedback with Tim

Our understanding of the feedback we received from Tim.

Didn’t quite have that je ne sais quoi.

We had an interesting brief that responded to our audience’s everyday wellbeing. Unfortunately we needed more clarity of our narrative - showing our audience, their context and their needs. Our insight was interesting and valuable however the need did not have the same drive. We needed to ask the question ‘why’ more and keep pushing our ideas as well as visuals. We also used some words and phrases quite loosely, this made the context unclear at times, and potentially brought more unneeded questions in the mix.

The design process is not linear. We had solid secondary research however should have gone back to ask more questions, going deeper into the interviewees problems, to gain more empathy.

In terms of visual deliverables, we needed to work on our hierarchy, making distinctions between different information, highlighting what was important. We also needed to be more selective with what we chose, cutting down on the unnecessary. We needed to inform more through our visuals rather than illustrate. Our metaphor had potential and could make sense on a technical level but was not executed in an obviously understandable way. It had fun energy but was not as informative as it could have been.