Week 1, Friday class

Experience Design

Karl Kane gave an exciting lecture, which he always does. I think this class is going to be very experience design orientated - I think this is a good thing... Because I've taken experience design as an elective there may be some advantage of already having an idea of what's going on, that being said, a few classmates are worried we're not going to learn anything new. Currently I'm thinking of it as an opportunity to further practice important skills but time will tell..

Today we chose the brief we want to work on and got in groups to discuss it. I chose how to handle a move because I was really inspired by a lot of the discoveries of wellbeing points they established in the reading. I'm really interested in the mental aspects of wellbeing and working towards building up someones happiness and positivity. We found someone who had similar interests within the brief and I'm now working with Cay as my partner for this project. 

We went over some ethical interview / chat techniques, brainstormed some open questions, then started asking people in our class to gain insight on our topic.