Week 2 Ex-Change moment

Ex-Change Moment

The Ex-change moment was a bit odd. It's a nice idea but the other people in my group didn't seem to have the same kind of prepping that we did. I brought an exemplar of a social design project I found interesting. Living Memories was a Gold Best Award winning project by Y&R NZ. The campaign was launched on the eve of Road Safety Week and captured the attention of the nation. Five New Zealanders are lost on the roads every week, Y&R NZ brought 5 children back to life, showing what they would look like now if they were not lost in a road accident. It made people think about the longterm effect of crashes and how it affects someone for the rest of their lives, robbing a future.




Only three other people showed up to my ex-change group. We had an industrial, spatial and fashion designer. It was interesting talking about the different projects however I didn't really understand the others links to wellbeing, and they didn't understand their own briefs either so made it a little difficult. Because we had looked into wellbeing so much in VCD I did offer some suggestions of how perhaps they could incorporate wellbeing methods into their brief. For example the girl who is studying spatial is looking into the structure of a house so I said perhaps she could look into the maori wellbeing method 'te whare tapa wha' the idea that you need four walls to keep up the ceiling, like they have four cornerstones of health.

So basically we just passed around ideas and I think that was kind of helpful for the other girls. It was odd that I just came in with an exemplar so didn't really have anything they could look at or critique to understand my project at that point.