Week 2, Friday class

User Journey

Today we went over what we'll produce in our first hand-in – a presentation and document with a minimum of 6 pages.

We then started doing user journeys to get into the mindset of our audience. Our user is moving out of home for the first time, to a new city, to go to university. After researching in our independent study time, we found that one of the big pain points was the actual moment when you're leaving. People can know they're leaving for ages but sometimes it doesn't become real until the actual moment you're at the airport saying goodbye, on the plane, or arriving at your new place. So we wanted to focus on that journey specifically. After completing this, we talked to Phoebe and she said though we've identified a good pain point, it is probably too specific - even laying out the form of transportation. We may need to adjust to something a bit more generalised, at least at this point.