Week 8, Friday Class

Today Tim encouraged us all to be able to pitch our whole idea in less than 60 seconds. A way to really sort out what the purpose of all this is, then we can start to use those key statements as we design our touchpoints.

We went over more recordings from interim last week, writing down notes and trying to pick apart the feedback we got given so we can really improve our designs. Our main focus today was the app as that is what we received the most feedback on. We're trying to sort out what the key point of the app is so we can make it as strong and as effective as possible. It needs to have one main purpose rather than lots of little bits.

We also created a timeline today - organising everything we think we need to do and making time allowances for everything to help us stay on track.

Week 7, Tuesday Class

So I have switched groups and joined another project with Ashleigh Dawson and Sophie Watts. The brief is stress in the city and the focus is workers taking a lunch break. First class back everyone is presenting their research conducted over the break. Either a designed experience or an individual that has experienced something based around wellbeing. Our group decided to focus on Arianna Huffington. Personally I have read both her books Thrive and The Sleep Revolution so I had quite a thorough understanding about who she is, her relationship with wellbeing and how she tries to promote a healthy work life balance, not only in her own life but in her office (as she is the founding director). I think people were really intrigued by all the research we presented - not only about Arianna but also design elements that she has either created or utilised in her life.

Week 5, Tuesday class

Hand-in + Presentation

Today we had our official presentation and hand-in combined with stream A. It was really interesting to see how everyone interpreted their briefs differently. We were all given the same tasks but how everyone went about it and the different types / ways they were communicated was very interesting. Gave me a few ideas for the future - noticing what worked and what didn't.

Week 4, Friday class

Development + Class Critique

Today we had another critique, we have once again changed our visuals (hopefully for the last time) to fruit. Our user is a banana, we are running with the idea that bananas come in bunches - as if our user comes from a bunch (her family) and it's a very close knit connected family. When she moves out into her new flat, all her flatmates are other fruit. It shows the different backgrounds they bring and how their needs and how they act may be different to our audience. We have personified all our fruit, with a crafty collage style. Our visuals are bright, colourful and fun. People enjoy the energy it brings though it's not necessarily that clear or informative at the moment as to what the point of fruit is. We need more visual clarity and intrigue so started brainstorming ideas and passing them past classmates.

Week 4, Tuesday class

Development + Class Critique

Today we had another critique for our visual brief. Between last class and this one we had created new visuals that were photography based rather than graphic design. We laid them both out and got feedback on both. In our photography visuals we have used the metaphor of food - the idea of what, how, and with who our audience is eating to inform the context. Though people liked the concept of our food metaphor, they only understood it after seeing the literal graphic design approach. So it raised a few issues to be sorted out. Our photography did not look very cohesive either so that probably didn't help.

Week 3, Friday class

Class Critique

Today we paired with other groups and looked at each others presentations so far. It was quite interesting because we were paired with someone who had a similar brief to ours. Seeing the way they approached it in comparison to ours. We also spent time going across the streams looking at everyones work. Overall todays class highlighted a few things we are missing - an opening page, facts / quotes are the biggest ones at the moment. Also the lecturers are wanting us to go in a different direction for our visuals, heading towards photography, rather than illustration / graphics. They think that will give us more context. They want our visuals to inform rather than just illustrate so we'll work on that before next class.

Week 2, Friday class

User Journey

Today we went over what we'll produce in our first hand-in – a presentation and document with a minimum of 6 pages.

We then started doing user journeys to get into the mindset of our audience. Our user is moving out of home for the first time, to a new city, to go to university. After researching in our independent study time, we found that one of the big pain points was the actual moment when you're leaving. People can know they're leaving for ages but sometimes it doesn't become real until the actual moment you're at the airport saying goodbye, on the plane, or arriving at your new place. So we wanted to focus on that journey specifically. After completing this, we talked to Phoebe and she said though we've identified a good pain point, it is probably too specific - even laying out the form of transportation. We may need to adjust to something a bit more generalised, at least at this point.


Week 2, Tuesday Class

Define Techniques

We started off the lecture discussing the visual brief and going over the reflective blog so I am starting that now. We also unpacked the idea of Define in creative practice. 

When we got back to class we had a chat with Phoebe about our concept for the brief. She feared that it was too broad and may be difficult for us to properly grasp so we spent sometime brainstorming ideas that were more grounded in our brief and finalised on moving cities for university.

In class we went over many define techniques including Empathy maps, the Slip Method, and Journey Maps. Doing all these methods helped us to connect the dots between different tasks, for example, while doing the empathy map we thought our persona Sue might at some point be excited - this idea we then later put in our slip as well as our journey map - we needed to place a time in her journey when she would actually feel that emotion.

We were also given a list of the things we need in our visual brief: Audience Profile, Situation / Problem, Opportunity / Need, Insight, Hunch and Five Ways to Wellbeing.



Admittedly one of the most exciting accomplishments of this class / my day was learning how to scan multiple sheets of paper at once rather than constantly manually placing paper flat on the copier screen. We discovered this while doing our team contracts. It was cool.

Week 1, Friday class

Experience Design

Karl Kane gave an exciting lecture, which he always does. I think this class is going to be very experience design orientated - I think this is a good thing... Because I've taken experience design as an elective there may be some advantage of already having an idea of what's going on, that being said, a few classmates are worried we're not going to learn anything new. Currently I'm thinking of it as an opportunity to further practice important skills but time will tell..

Today we chose the brief we want to work on and got in groups to discuss it. I chose how to handle a move because I was really inspired by a lot of the discoveries of wellbeing points they established in the reading. I'm really interested in the mental aspects of wellbeing and working towards building up someones happiness and positivity. We found someone who had similar interests within the brief and I'm now working with Cay as my partner for this project. 

We went over some ethical interview / chat techniques, brainstormed some open questions, then started asking people in our class to gain insight on our topic.

Week 1, Tuesday class

First Class - Wellbeing introduced

First class we're introduced to the layout of the semester as well as all the lecturers. A guest speaker from Life Hack came in to talk about wellbeing. I learnt quite a few different techniques for wellbeing - the one I found most interesting was the 5 days to wellbeing. I'm really excited for this class because I love the idea of exploring ways to help peoples wellbeing because it is such an important issue to me.

We started the tutorial by discussing the differences between Practice, Ritual, and Habit. It was quite interesting because a lot of people had different opinions on what each word meant, and what we could describe as each. We had to chose a practice, ritual, and habit we had over the holidays and share with a group. Together we chose one persons Ritual of 'making a sandwich' and created a user journey for them. 

Next we were assigned a wellbeing focused reading, took notes and drew visuals then got in a group to discuss what we learnt with others. It was interesting hearing what other people took from a reading in comparison to what I took from it.