Week 11, Ex-change moment

Unfortunately I had a meeting for work at 12:15 for a Massey event I'm hosting next Friday so I couldn't stay for long. I went early though and talked to a few people in my group. It was great to see their projects so far. The difference between the prototypes last time to now was really cool. The last time I saw a fashion majors work is was sketches and material swatches, now she had photos of her toilles and the start of her real final piece as well. The other one I thought was really cool was the industrial work - last time I saw it it was just little bits of folded cardboard and now it's like a legit thing. Was pretty cool. We were all feeling quite stressed about everything so it's nice I guess knowing we're all hindered spirits.

Week 11, Friday class

Today we went over what we need for the dossier and presentation which was really helpful. 

We're still struggling a bit with our app - getting it just right is quite tricky. We're updating and utilising a lot of the feedback we got given last week, just trying to make it all work. I think it's challenging because I think quite differently to Ash and Soph so it makes it difficult sometimes to move forward with it.

Luckily we all agreed that perhaps a poster isn't the best way to get the idea of Breather across and it's not necessarily helping our cause. There are better ways to reach our audience and we shouldn't create a poster just for the sake of having another touchpoint. We want everything to be relevant and have a purpose. 

We've divided up a lot of the tasks based around what we believe is everyone's best strength. Maybe unfortunately I'm the best with words so I'm spending a lot of time writing the dossier and Presentation speech. I secretly kind of like it. It's a chance for me to properly get all my ideas down and really articulate our purpose and creation. I consistently read back everything I've written to the team and they're happy so far so going well! We're really smashing it all out.

Week 11, Tuesday Class

Today in class we decided to refresh ourselves with our 60 second pitch, and purpose then compare that with all the work we've done so far making sure it's on track and relevant. We want to make sure the app is strong and purposeful rather than doing lots of random little functions. It can have extra functions but it needs to have one strong purpose first. We also started ideating our other touch points today - looking at visual inspirations for our brochures, posters, etc. We're working on a way to make everything cohesive so each touchpoint can be easily recognised. 

Week 10, Friday Class

Today we had our second prototype interim and it went really well. We got feedback from quite a few people including some fourth years, Tristam and one of the professionals COCA brought in. The fourth years said our app was great and had a good UE design flow throughout. She gave us some more ideas and also made us question our user journey a bit as she had an opposing view to some other people (wanting to select breaks by activities more so than by feelings - put a spinner in the mix - we have to decide who we're going to cater for, how can we do it, how do we justify this etc.) Positive moving forward but definitely a challenge. An interesting suggestion she had was instead of linking it just to your phone calendar, you could link it to your office google calendar - that way coworkers can see when you're on a break and unavailable. 

Our feedback with Tristam was also really positive. He said we had a good visual flow however some screens could do with a bit more context and some could definitely be spread out more over a few different screens. He liked our attempt at getting the phone to interact with something in the real world (the sticker at the location) but may need a bit more fleshing. He also mentioned the ability to connect with not only coworkers but other workers around Wellington could be a great option. Way of getting out their an connecting - they can arrange a place to meet and just go.

Week 10, Tuesday Class

Today Tristam iterated the importance of having a more polished and functional prototype for the upcoming interim. It will be beneficial for us to get the best feedback. Tim also went over what we needed in our dossier which got us brainstorming a bit for some ideas of statements etc.

The rest of class was spent doing the usual stuff - ideating, polishing etc. Busy busy bees.

Week 9 Ex-change moment

Today in exchange we all just update each other on where we are at with out projects. It was interesting to see how different projects developed and it was a chance for everyone to get a completely fresh perspective on prototypes as no-one really knew anything about their background - we just saw things at face value. A lot of people in my group were really shocked that we'd designed a whole app and really liked the look of it which was also kind of surprising - I guess it was quite different from their disciplines so seemed like quite a lot. 

Week 9, Friday Class

Today we started off with a lecture from Matt from Empathy. It was actually really interesting and I was picked out of the audience with two others to create and prototype an app in 5 minutes. There was immense pressure, it felt quite frantic but it was actually really good just to do something really quick fire and not think about any possible negatives. It allowed us to have great feedback as well. I think the most important thing we ended up learning from Matt was how to prototype and research effectively. Asking the right questions, in the right way, at the right time. not being afraid to not speak and just observe. The importance of giving the tester a situation so they're not going in 100% blind as that can cause glitches the prototype sometimes. 


We spent the rest of studio sorting our app in preparation to show at exchange. We're feeling on track with it right now so that's cool after quite a delayed start.

Week 9, Tuesday Class

Our main focus today was finalising the structure of our app on paper so we can start to mock it up on the computer and prototype it more effectively. We had the opportunity to go around and share our design process and ideas with other students - getting a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective. It was great to and fro as we were able to give feedback to other groups and that kind of inspired some of our own ideas as well so really beneficial.

Week 8, Tuesday Class

Today we had our prototype interim and it was really beneficial. We developed three separate prototypes

1. Prototyping a window - seeing how different people respond to various weathers outside - prototyping for our weather clock.

2.App - creating an app that will show people the best time of the day to take a break, with activated (inside and outside depending on the day) also with the ability to connect with co-workers so you're influencing others to take a break.

3. Activity Wall - We prototyped a wall that people could interact with, currently mainly using word games, just things to get people to use their minds and keep learning. We're hoping people will interact with it and maybe converse around it - that's what we're prototyping I suppose.

We received really positive feedback on our first two prototypes from a lot of different people and lecturers. Our third prototype didn't have the impact that the others had and felt quite deatched which was fair enough. We were struggling to find a prototype that would be interesting, interactive but also reasonable to implement in offices. I suppose that restriction really inhibited the creativity of the prototype. 


Our first two were really beneficial though. We discovered a lot of information out about our potential users which would help us cater for them in it's future creation. For example, showing people the weather clock we discovered that people like varying weather, it was almost a surprise when one person said it may be too sunny to go outside. This means we might have to rethink how to design a weather clock so that it suits individual's weather preferences but can still be put up in the workplace.


The app was also really successful, it had a great concept and a lot of people had ideas on how we could further it to make it more related to wellbeing as well so that was cool. A lot of contradiction though as well, making me realise how differently individuals can think, especially in relation to wellbeing. Realistically we can't cater for everyone but that's a bit of a struggle for me. We'll see.

Week 4, Friday class

Development + Class Critique

Today we had another critique, we have once again changed our visuals (hopefully for the last time) to fruit. Our user is a banana, we are running with the idea that bananas come in bunches - as if our user comes from a bunch (her family) and it's a very close knit connected family. When she moves out into her new flat, all her flatmates are other fruit. It shows the different backgrounds they bring and how their needs and how they act may be different to our audience. We have personified all our fruit, with a crafty collage style. Our visuals are bright, colourful and fun. People enjoy the energy it brings though it's not necessarily that clear or informative at the moment as to what the point of fruit is. We need more visual clarity and intrigue so started brainstorming ideas and passing them past classmates.

Week 4, Tuesday class

Development + Class Critique

Today we had another critique for our visual brief. Between last class and this one we had created new visuals that were photography based rather than graphic design. We laid them both out and got feedback on both. In our photography visuals we have used the metaphor of food - the idea of what, how, and with who our audience is eating to inform the context. Though people liked the concept of our food metaphor, they only understood it after seeing the literal graphic design approach. So it raised a few issues to be sorted out. Our photography did not look very cohesive either so that probably didn't help.

Week 3, Friday class

Class Critique

Today we paired with other groups and looked at each others presentations so far. It was quite interesting because we were paired with someone who had a similar brief to ours. Seeing the way they approached it in comparison to ours. We also spent time going across the streams looking at everyones work. Overall todays class highlighted a few things we are missing - an opening page, facts / quotes are the biggest ones at the moment. Also the lecturers are wanting us to go in a different direction for our visuals, heading towards photography, rather than illustration / graphics. They think that will give us more context. They want our visuals to inform rather than just illustrate so we'll work on that before next class.