Week 11, Ex-change moment

Unfortunately I had a meeting for work at 12:15 for a Massey event I'm hosting next Friday so I couldn't stay for long. I went early though and talked to a few people in my group. It was great to see their projects so far. The difference between the prototypes last time to now was really cool. The last time I saw a fashion majors work is was sketches and material swatches, now she had photos of her toilles and the start of her real final piece as well. The other one I thought was really cool was the industrial work - last time I saw it it was just little bits of folded cardboard and now it's like a legit thing. Was pretty cool. We were all feeling quite stressed about everything so it's nice I guess knowing we're all hindered spirits.

Week 11, Friday class

Today we went over what we need for the dossier and presentation which was really helpful. 

We're still struggling a bit with our app - getting it just right is quite tricky. We're updating and utilising a lot of the feedback we got given last week, just trying to make it all work. I think it's challenging because I think quite differently to Ash and Soph so it makes it difficult sometimes to move forward with it.

Luckily we all agreed that perhaps a poster isn't the best way to get the idea of Breather across and it's not necessarily helping our cause. There are better ways to reach our audience and we shouldn't create a poster just for the sake of having another touchpoint. We want everything to be relevant and have a purpose. 

We've divided up a lot of the tasks based around what we believe is everyone's best strength. Maybe unfortunately I'm the best with words so I'm spending a lot of time writing the dossier and Presentation speech. I secretly kind of like it. It's a chance for me to properly get all my ideas down and really articulate our purpose and creation. I consistently read back everything I've written to the team and they're happy so far so going well! We're really smashing it all out.

Week 10, Tuesday Class

Today Tristam iterated the importance of having a more polished and functional prototype for the upcoming interim. It will be beneficial for us to get the best feedback. Tim also went over what we needed in our dossier which got us brainstorming a bit for some ideas of statements etc.

The rest of class was spent doing the usual stuff - ideating, polishing etc. Busy busy bees.

Week 9 Ex-change moment

Today in exchange we all just update each other on where we are at with out projects. It was interesting to see how different projects developed and it was a chance for everyone to get a completely fresh perspective on prototypes as no-one really knew anything about their background - we just saw things at face value. A lot of people in my group were really shocked that we'd designed a whole app and really liked the look of it which was also kind of surprising - I guess it was quite different from their disciplines so seemed like quite a lot. 

Week 9, Friday Class

Today we started off with a lecture from Matt from Empathy. It was actually really interesting and I was picked out of the audience with two others to create and prototype an app in 5 minutes. There was immense pressure, it felt quite frantic but it was actually really good just to do something really quick fire and not think about any possible negatives. It allowed us to have great feedback as well. I think the most important thing we ended up learning from Matt was how to prototype and research effectively. Asking the right questions, in the right way, at the right time. not being afraid to not speak and just observe. The importance of giving the tester a situation so they're not going in 100% blind as that can cause glitches the prototype sometimes. 


We spent the rest of studio sorting our app in preparation to show at exchange. We're feeling on track with it right now so that's cool after quite a delayed start.

Week 9, Tuesday Class

Our main focus today was finalising the structure of our app on paper so we can start to mock it up on the computer and prototype it more effectively. We had the opportunity to go around and share our design process and ideas with other students - getting a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective. It was great to and fro as we were able to give feedback to other groups and that kind of inspired some of our own ideas as well so really beneficial.

Week 8, Friday Class

Today Tim encouraged us all to be able to pitch our whole idea in less than 60 seconds. A way to really sort out what the purpose of all this is, then we can start to use those key statements as we design our touchpoints.

We went over more recordings from interim last week, writing down notes and trying to pick apart the feedback we got given so we can really improve our designs. Our main focus today was the app as that is what we received the most feedback on. We're trying to sort out what the key point of the app is so we can make it as strong and as effective as possible. It needs to have one main purpose rather than lots of little bits.

We also created a timeline today - organising everything we think we need to do and making time allowances for everything to help us stay on track.

Week 7, Friday Class

Today we are ideating thinking of ways to further develop our ideas and create prototypes for the upcoming interim. We're really stuck on how to create an actual design experience from this. From the research I've personally done - I've come to the conclusion that in order for workers to start taking breaks, the working / in-office culture needs to change. I'm struggling getting past this because I know it's so people focused. We need management to get on board and employees to start doing it. How we're going to not only influence them but somehow turn it into a design experience, I don't know.

We spent some time talking to other times about their projects and they're also feeling a bit stuck. It's just very tricky I think especially after not supposed to be thinking of ideas for over 6 weeks and now start prototyping. I think we're all just trying to get back in that headspace.